BLACK P.O.W.E.R. Statement in Response to City’s Anti-Referenda Diatribe; “Herald” Insults Voters


Renters Belong Here, Even if City Officials Do Nothing to Make That Happen.  Tying Rent Increases to the Rate of Inflation is Not Rent Control, Although City Officials and the “Republican Press Herald” want Voters to Think So. That’s Because Without the Advertising $$ From the Real Estate Industry, the  Herald Would not Exist.  It has to Stand up to Any Perceived Threats to its Survival.

Greg Quiche, Editor of the Editorial Page of the REPUBLICAN PRESS HERALD and Munjoy Hill Resident,  Insulted Voters Today in his Editorial Opposed to Questions A-E.  “Too Complicated” for Voters to Decide Remark.

A Series of Signs at the Juncture of Congress and Franklin Streets at the Bottom of Munjoy Hill Promotes the Improvement of  the Lives of the Portland  Workforce.  The “Republican Press Herald” Editorial Board Urged Voters Not to Support A-E Today.  It’s Future Depends on it!

In response to the Mayor and most of the city council’s diatribe against direct democracy issued yesterday,  BLACK P.O.W.E.R. issued the following statement this morning.

Portland voters have a chance to improve this city by voting YES on Questions A-E.  These questions got on the ballot after our community members stood up, organized themselves in a true grassroots fashion and worked hard to put them before voters.  The Portland council and mayor have responded by resorting to Reaganesque anti-socialist propaganda to instill fear into Portland voters.  But we know better.  We know that the ‘isolated organization’ responsible for these referendums is actually a coalition of numerous community-based organizations that work for and with the people of this city.  When councilors oppose progressive initiatives put forth by the people of Portland, they tend to focus on the legalities in an attempt to derail the conversation.

If our elected officials are in support of affordable housing, fair wages and racial justice, then why do they do everything in their power to stop these policies in their tracks?  The clear answer:  the majority of our elected city officials do not work for the people of Portland.  Instead, they act like lobbyist for cops, big businesses and real estate moguls.

We urge supporters to say NO to fear and vote YES on Questions A-E. comment: A callous insult to Portland voters that all voters should note is this comment from Greg Quiche, editor, of the editorial board of the “Republican Press Herald.”  “There are good ideas in each of these proposals, but they are too complicated to be decided by referendum.”  What’s complicated about experiencing out-of-control rent increases, unchecked abuses from arrogant landlords, not earning a living wage and the city sticking its head in the sand on all of the above?

If it’s “complicated”, what steps have the city and its mouthpiece, the “Republican Press Herald”, taken to uncomplicate these issues?  Insult voters no more, editor.

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