Bike Share (Pilot) Program Winner Decided Early Next Week


A decision on whether or not to accept the only bike share pilot proposal received last month by the city for a bike share program is expected to be made early next week said Bruce Hyman, Transportation Program Manager, for the city of Portland. He and other city officials will meet to decide if JUMP’s proposed program meets the requirements of the city. One requirement of the city’s RFP requires that it be of no cost to the city of Portland.

Jump’s comprehensive response to Portland’s RFP says that it’s program is aimed “to reduce personal car use by offering convenient and reliable point-to-point transportation alternatives.” It laid out a one year launch program for Portland in its February 20, response: April 30, 2019 will be the launching of 200 e-bikes; June/July 2019 there will be an expansion to gear up for the tourist season; and in October of 2019 there will be a fleet evaluation to make seasonal adjustments as necessary. The documents call for a fleet of up to 500 bikes eventually.

Jump’s programs are accessible to as many people as possible. It has two pricing models, standard pricing and “Boost Plan for low-income riders, There is an expectation of seventeen (17) people for field/mechanic operations in Portland, with the expectation that number will grow as does the program. Jump employees would be involved in local events. They see it as an opportunity to directly engage with the public to demonstrate and explain is approach to shared mobility. Events can include presentations, e-bike test rides, participation in community group activities and tabling at local events. Jump hosts community events and provides safety training and education. This includes Neighborhood Ride-alongs and Lunch & Learn events.

Jump was founded in 2010 and purchased by Uber last year.

Perhaps the reason there was only one response to the city’s RFP dated January 30, 2019 is the shortness of the summer/tourist season and the length of the cold/winter season. A subject that has been brought up in past years when the idea of a similar program has been discussed at city hall.