Beer Garden Coming to Oxbow on Washington Avenue in Early July

A Cherry Tree Planted Today at the Edge of the Patio in Front of Oxbow, 49 Washington Avenue.

The Argentine Grille at the New Beer Garden at Oxbow.

Members of a “Bike & Brew” Tour at Oxbow today. The Tour is Led by Norman Patry;  (LEFT)

As previously reported herein, something is a ‘brewin’ between Oxbow Blending & Bottling. Tim Adams and Rob Evans, owner of DuckFat on Middle Street,:  it’s a BEER GARDEN!

A beer garden is well under way with the planting of a cherry tree at the edge of the newly constructed stone patio in the small space between Oxbow and the back side of Coffee by Design at 49 Washington Avenue on Munjoy Hll.  Soon to be fired up is an Argentine Grille. A fire pit is already in place. (See below left photo.)

This effort may be in order to compensate for the City’s Inspections Office that is famously SLOW in approving new food venues according to a source familiar with the situation.  The city’s inspections office is allegedly three (3) months behind schedule, despite efforts to improve that turnaround time according to the same source.   The Inspections Office  is directed by the controversial Michael Russell who has been charged with streamlining this forever and always broken office at city hall.

Coming later this year will be another food venue available at the same location. There will be a service window available to patrons of Oxbow with picnic table seating in the patio at the back of Coffee by Design, from whom space has been rented for this purpose.

Please see post herein dated May 21, 2017 for more background information on this new enterprise.

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