Bake Sale Fundraiser for Portland Asylum Seekers This Saturday; 1 Industrial Way


Muffins and Cookies Sold at Tandem Bakery, Congress Street. It is Not Known Whether These Items Will be Sold at the Bake Sale Saturday or Whether There Will be Other  Items for Sale.

The public is invited to contribute to the asylum seekers fund at a bake sale on Saturday, June 22nd, at the Foundation Brewing Co., 1 Industrial Way, Portland.  The bake sale runs from 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm.

One hundred percent (100 %) of the proceeds are being donated to the Portland Community Fund to aid in supporting and welcoming the influx of asylum seekers arriving in Portland according to Nina Murray, of Mill Cove Baking Co., who is organizing this event.

Nine baking companies are participating so far and there is room for more  if you would like to participate.  Those signed up to participate so far are:  Tandem Bakery, Night Moves Bread & Pie, Little Spruce, Norimoto, Suga Suga, HI BAR Bakery, Mill Cove Baking Co., Joyful Spirit and Belleville-Portland.

If you would like to donate as a baker, please contact:  And thank you in advance for participating in this important cause.