Awww Shucks at Fort Allen Park This Evening!


Elizabeth Atterbury Mother to Aggie, 6 Months, Aoife Nugent Mother to Shay Leach, 8 months; and Vanessa Aaspaugh, Mother to Ocean, 3 years old.

Two Texans Mobile Food Were Serving Hot Dogs at the Cancelled Concert Early this Evening.

These three women, residents of the Hill, with their young children, showed up for the Thursday evening summer time concert hosted by the Friends of the Eastern Promenade – but they were in for a surprise.

When they arrived, they learned that the concert by the Gay Men’s Chorus had been cancelled.  The popular group was concerned about the weather for the evening.  There was a lack of communication somewhere because no one enjoying the evening knew anything about it!

As mothers, they expressed concern about being a parent here in the United States in view of the recent mass killings over the weekend in Texas and Ohio.  “We are thinking of moving to Canada because it’s a terrifying time to live here,” said Vanessa Aaspaugh.  She is a choreographer at Bowdoin College.  (She’s in the above photograph, far right).

The Two Texans were invited by the Friends to serve at the concert that was to have started sat 6:00 pm.  Business was down somewhat, but it was still really good.  The two from Dallas and Houston came two years ago for the snow:  “We love the snow.”  (They gave me their business card, but I misplaced it.  Will keep looking for it, though).