Anti SCOTUS Rally at Corner of Spring and Temple Streets; July 10, 2:00 pm


Sarah Werkman, Brunswick.  Women Need to Take An Important Role in This Demonstration Tomorrow! 

A demonstration against President Donald Trump’s pick for Supreme Court will be held tomorrow afternoon at the corner of Spring and Temple Streets, in Lobsterman Park, across from Senator Susan Collins (R) office in downtown Portland.  The time is 2:00 pm.  Trump is expected to make his announcement at 9:00 pm. this evening. The demonstration is organized by Mainers for Accountable Leadership and March Forth.

The purpose is to persuade Senator Collins (R), who is pro-choice, to vote against the nominee of an anti-choice Supreme Court judge.  Collins should reject any anti-choice Supreme Court nominee and she should not hesitate to ask the nominee his/her position on the matter.

Speakers will share personal stories regarding abortion and how their choices would have been affected by a ban and restricted access to abortion.

This blogger believes that Collins has been wishy-washy on her statements regarding Trump’s choice for Supreme Court justice.  Now she says it’s “settled” law which is absurd.  She appears to be looking for a way-out – an escape hatch from the pressure she is under from both sides of the aisle.