Annual Washington Avenue Block Party Features Food, Booze & Family Fun


Jordan Milne, Founder & Owner of the Award Winning Hardshore Distilling Co. Last Week at His Venue at the Former J. J. Nissen Building, 53 Washington Avenue.

The Pick-up and Order Window for Rob Evans Latest on Washington Avenue, Behind Coffee By Design and near Oxbow.

The second annual Washington Avenue Block Party is set for Saturday, June 30, 2018 between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm.  “It’s a celebration of Washington Avenue,” said Melanie Reynolds, co-owner of the popular restaurant Terlingua, 52 Washington Avenue.  “Most everyone on the block is participating at some level.”

The nearby Root Cellar will provide games and activities for children who attend.  It is also the non-profit beneficiary of the Party said Jordan Milne.  “They do wonderful work for children.’

“We are already a block party,” said Rob Evans, grinning at Duck Fat’s new location, 43 Washington Avenue, behind Coffee by Design and near Oxbow. The kitchen behind Evans is noticeably large.  That’s because all of the fries for his popular Duck Fat is prepared at this new location.  “We are also an event kitchen,” he said.  We do wedding receptions and other events for Oxbow.”

There will be two bands playing during the Party according to Reynolds.  Kafari will play between noon – 2:00 pm.  Junction 218 will play later in the day – between 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

Don’t forget to buy one of those fantastic gin and tonics from Hardshore.  Or sample one of their special drinks during this sure to be fun for all annual event on Washington Avenue.  One more don’t forget – to bring a doggie treat for Hudson, the Black Lab, and charming in-house greeter at Hardshore!