Activists Rally for Palestinians in the Old Port Most Fridays


A Group Photo of Many of the Protestors at Post Office Park Yesterday Afternoon.

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Bob Schaible, a Spokesperson for the Maine Voices for Palestinians Rights..

Most Friday afternoons activists who support rights for Palestinians rally in Post Office Park in the Old Port of Portland.  Yesterday afternoon this blogger caught up with them – they held up signs and handed out information on the Gaza Strip to the interested public.

“Since March 30th, the people of Gaza have been protesting Israel’s illegal seizures of their land and blocking them from basic services like safe drinking water.

In turn Israel, has opened fire on UNARMED PROTESTERS, killing 111, including women and children and wounding 12,000.  By contrast, Israel has suffered zero (0) casualities,” according to the literature provided by the non-profit.

About one of every five Israeli citizens is a Palestinian living under conditions of severe discrimination.  Agreeing that Israel is a “Jewish state” would be giving permission for that to continue forever.  States should belong to all of their citizens.

Maine Voices for Palestinians Rights encourages supporters to call Maine’s Senators and tell them to take a stand against Israel’s Massacre and to stop using our tax $$ to fund the Israel Army!  Senator Collins: 207 622-8414  and Senator King: 202-244.5344.

For more information contact Bob Schaible at: