Acoustic Paddle Features Singer Sorcha at Ft. Gorges Concert; 8/18



By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,497)

Acoustic Paddle, (d/b/a Portland Paddle)  is pleased to announce that it will be featuring Munjoy Hill singer, Sorcha, at this Sunday’s concert at Ft. Gorges.  The concert at Ft. Gorges runs from 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm and leaves from the East End Beach.  The cost is $55. per person.

This concert is the second in a series of concerts hosted by Portland Paddle and run from the East End Beach on Munjoy Hill. Kayakers paddle out from the Beach to Ft. Gorges and go ashore. Paddlers will go inside the Ft. and hear Sorcha, a singer/guitarist, who lives on Munjoy Hill. The concert is expected to last about 45 minutes. Sorcha has recorded five albums.  Next Sunday, weather permitting, Acoustic Paddle will be featuring Max Garcia.

For more information and reservations which are required, please call 370-9730.  Reservations are necessary because of the limited number who can participate.  Portland Paddle is owned by Erin Quigley and Zack Anchors, Munjoy Hill residents.

For more background information on Portland Paddle, please visit Post # 1,424, dated May 20, 2013 herein.