Spirits Alive Proposes Inclusion of Master Plan for Eastern Cemetery to Comprehensive Plan; Document Praised as “Awesome” & “Fabulous” for Historical Content by Planning Board

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,092) Martha Kimicki, president of the board of Spirits Alive, presented the non-profit’s Master Plan to a quorum of the city’s planning board at its workshop late yesterday afternoon at city hall. Kimicki is asking … Continue reading

Two Task Forces Set by Newly Consolidated Committee of the City Council; Public Safety and Health & Human Services Committee

By Carol McCracken (Post # l,085) Two task forces were established last week on issues held over from last year’s committee calendars that were not completed because of the merging of committees and the recent reschuffling of councilors to those … Continue reading

City Manager to Refer Results of Shipyard Internal Investigation to Outside Auditor, Suslovic Says; Recommends Repayment Plan

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,084) The controvery surrounding the erroneous billing of Shipyward Brewery Co. has taken a temporary break while the city concludes an internal investigation of the matter which could come by tomorrow. It was discovered last … Continue reading