121 Washington Avenue Fully Leased Says Owner Harris

Jed T. Harris, Owner of 121 Washington Avenue, Late Last Week.

Some Folks From Away Enjoying Maine Distilling Co. Samples Recently.

Contrary to the “for lease” sign still on the outside of the former Richard Creighton Building at 121 Washington Avenue on Munjoy HIll, the building is now fully leased said Jed Harris, current building owner last week.  A new tenant signed a lease recently, but Harris would not say what the nature of the business is.  “I don’t know what they will be doing with that space,” he said.

According to other sources familiar with the situation, Standard Baking Company, has signed a long-term lease with the property and then decided it did not fit their needs.  So, the popular bakery is trying to find someone to lease it from them.  An employee of Standard Baking Co. seemed confused by the question and said she had heard rumors to that effect, but did not deny the situation. No manager was available to discuss the lease.

Meanwhile, Maine Distilling Co., currently located in East Bayside plans to move its entire facility to the back of the building  – a move that is expected to take place this fall.  Island Creek Oysters will be opening The Shop in the same building as well.  There will be an oyster bar, retail space and it will serve as a distribution center for its products.

When Maine Distilling Co. moves, Rising Tide Brewing, 103 Fox Street, has signed a lease to expand its current spot next door.  In the back of the building, production of the highly popular beer will occur and the front of the space will be an event space – to be used for community purposes.

Please see post herein dated September 29, 2017 for more background information on the Maine Distilling Co. relocation to Washington Avenue.


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