10 Hammond Street Needs More Work say City Planners


Late last month, the Portland Planning Board in a workshop, reviewed a proposal for a new sixteen (16) unit condominium, at 10 Hammond Street, in East Bayside. The proposed development would require the demolition of two single-family structures in a largely one and two family neighborhood.

The would be condominium is composed of a combination of one, two and three-bedroom units with subsurface structured parking for fourteen (14) vehicles , including one handicap space, and two exterior parking spaces. The three story proposal includes numerous rooftop appurtenances and roof decks.

Applicant Kevin O’Rourke, Hammond House, LLC. a Yarmouth based developer said he likes public art and would solicit sculptures from the public for the front of the building. However, neighbors said the public art would not help the massing and scale of the building that is out of character with the rest of the area.

During the public comment time, Ellen Bailey, a Hammond Street resident, said the proposal does not “fit the street I know and love.” Planning Board members agreed that more work needs to be done with the massing and scale.

“We are prepared to do some more discussion and work with the city staff. This is not a walk away from it project,” said owner Kevin O’Rourke.